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Astrology was something that peaked my interest as a kid.As I entered middle school I began to explore different spiritual beliefs.I've always had very unique spiritual experiences and gifts.Tarot came to me in a divinely guided way in 2018 and I began practicing reading in 2019.My intuition and psychic abilities only continue to grow ensuring better readings.Through clients I've helped I been assured that my readings are accurate and insightful.Although tarot can give insight into the future, readings are based on current energy and your actions determine wether the outcome is set in stone.My readings are not to scam.Profit isn't as important as my passion behind this.My readings are not just for entertainment and are to give genuine guidance.My purpose is helping others and tarot is one of the ways I do it.I encompass light energy and work with positive forces which in return I send you lot's of positive vibes 🧿.

To book readings please scroll to the bottom of the page.Payments can be sent via $Cashapp or PayPal.Once payment is received you will receive your reading.Readings will be sent via private youtube link but in the case of technical difficulties it will be given in written format sent directly to your email.
Please be patient and don't expect readings overnight.I am very sensitive to energy so therefore I only do readings when I feel energetically aligned to ensure the most accurate read.In case of emergency and I can't do your reading you will be refunded immediately through whatever form of payment you booked with.

General Reading

No specific question?Well then this is the best option for you.This reading includes an in depth message about whatever spirit wants you to know about your life in the current moment.


5 Card Career Spread

Release your financial worries and come get some quick guidance about your career or current money situation.

Please include 1 question or concern in the message box below.


Singles love reading

For those who've been experiencing a drought in the love department this reading is for you.We're going to take a look at what's going on in your love life at the current moment.


Any Question

If you have something specific you'd like to know or get insight on then choose this package.

Please include your questions in the message box below.

$11 per question

Relationship Love Reading

This is for those who want to know what's going on in your current connection.This will include whatever messages want come through about your connection at this time.


Quick message 3 Card Spread

This is for those who have 1  question and want a quick response instead a more in depth reading. 

Option 1:yes,no,maybe

Option 2:past,present,future

Option 3:mind,heart,soul

Option 4:action,advice,potential outcome

Option 5:overall energy,your energy,theri energy

Please include your question and which option you would like in the message box below.


For more than one you will be charged $7 per option



Please include the type of reading you would like in the message box.

Please book with me again.

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